About CC

Inaugration of Block printing tables at Cotton Curio's factory in Sanganer, Jaipur (1992)
A family of craftsmen from Sanganer, Jaipur sought to revive the ‘Rivaaz of Sanganeri Prints’ from the very soil itself. An ambitious endeavor started in 1992 with wood block printing in discharge technique and with dedicated team of skilled artisans, time and experience we have evolved with our distinguished prints, a plethora of shades for our range of products that we make today. With master- craftsmanship displayed by our ardent artisans, we take pride in delivering the sought-after products with mesmerizing details, executed with efficient techniques & conscious utilization of resources for a fruitful and desired outcome.
 Natural Dyed Organic Cotton & Cotton Duck (2020)
In the beginning of 2020, we established a vision to move and develop an efficient supply chain of natural dyeing and era of sustainable fashion. Our goal is to encourage & promote adoption of Natural Dyes in techniques like, our specialty of  Block Printing, Screen Printing, Yarn & Fabric dyeing in the textile industry. With keen observation and help from some of the most dedicated artisans in the industry, we have curated a collection of colors that can be dyed and printed on textile for which are suitable for everyday purpose while maintaining a conscious approach to promote sustainable use of natural resources. We have based our foundations surrounding the oldest of traditions for techniques like vegetable dyeing, and expanded our scope of implementation in fabrics to a new standard. The range of colors are developed from extracts of various botanicals and their by-products sourced from cultivated or wild sources.
Our fundamentals of experimentation with focus towards Eco- Fashion in fashion and textile industry opens up a unique opportunity for us to introduce our range of developments in Natural Dyes on various fabric options like Cotton, Silk, Linen, etc. giving the reader a euphoric insight on the scope of Natural Dyes in textile applications.
-Mr. Ram Bana Pandey
(Founder & Proprietor)